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Amplifying Executive Presence

In a business world that runs on the power of relationships, great leaders know how to make the connections that make things happen.

Great leaders bring more to the table than technical skills and intellect, or inner charisma and charm. They’re relationship builders who have learned to harness and amplify their executive presence—the ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to motivate and inspire them to achieve a desired outcome.

andré is the co-founder of Ariel Group Australia. an organisation that links the best practices from actor training with specific, actionable business behaviors to develop leaders. andré works with leaders to teach them how to draw on their own unique history and style to amplify their leadership and executive presence by applying very learnable skills and tactic to their natural style.

You can do a self-assessment of your executive presence and receive some tips here presence-assessment.pdf

You can read a story about an everyday leader andré observed called


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