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Avoiding Career Stallers

The identification of career stallers was originally researched by Lominger, now Korn Ferry. The research identified 19 behaviours listed here:
  1. Over-managing
  2. Defensiveness
  3. Over-dependence on a single skill
  4. Non-strategic
  5. Key skill deficiencies
  6. Failure to staff effectively
  7. Lack of composure
  8. Failure to build a team
  9. Overly ambitious
  10. Insensitive to others
  11. Arrogant
  12. Unable to adapt to differences
  13. Political missteps
  14. Poor administrator
  15. Over-dependence on an advocate
  16. Blocked personal learner
  17. Performance problems
  18. Betrayal of trust
  19. Lack of ethics and value
In the assessing phase of his coaching work, andré interviews stakeholders. Part of this assessment is to identify potential career stallers so that the leader is able to address them before it’s too late.


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