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Enhancing Your Network

Being an effective leader today is becoming increasingly difficult. The new realities challenge traditional command and control approaches to leading in organisations.

andré and his co-authors Lynne Waymon, Anne Baber and Jim Wylde spent several years researching this topic. The result was the publication of Strategic Connections: The New Face of Networking in a Collaborative World.

In the book they unveil eight indispensable competencies for the new Network-Oriented Workforce. They are:

  1. Commit to a Networking Identity: Examine personal beliefs about networking.
  2. Take a Strategic Approach: Use networks to accomplish specific goals.
  3. Envision the Ideal Network. Proactively reach out to build network capacity.
  4. Develop Trusting Relationships. Manage the trust-building process.
  5. Increase Social Acumen. Master relationship rituals.
  6. Engage People. Listen and converse to build and sustain relationships.
  7. Communicate Expertise. Use examples and stories to teach contacts about expertise, talents, experience, and interests.
  8. Create New Value. Employ networking tools and strategies to contribute to enterprise-wide success.

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