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Corporate leadership has never been more challenging than in today’s fast-paced, turbulent business environment. Executives face enormous demands on their time. They must make frequent, complex, and important decisions that require balancing a host of dilemmas: maximising both global efficiency and local responsiveness; promoting both teamwork and individual accountability; striving for long-term sustainable growth while at the same time meeting expectations for short-term results; structuring flat, lean, efficient and innovative organisations, while at the same time creating a culture that attracts, develops, and retains talent. The “rules of the game” are changing dramatically for business leaders struggling to succeed in the face of an ever-escalating pace of change; revolutionary advances in technology; increasing global competition; and a diverse, distributed, and often transient workforce.

Additionally, leadership can be a lonely journey. Leaders who want to do better and be better need personalised support. Executive coaching is an effective way of stretching leaders to step up to greater responsibilities, manage challenging situations, navigate transitions into a new job, develop powerful relationships, and communicate with confidence and gravitas.

andré’s coaching methodology is designed to provide a focused, personal link between the strategic goals of an organisation and the people most responsible for executing them. It is a proven method for helping leaders develop and refine the competencies that will make them most effective in their positions and most valuable to the organisation. Unlike some coaching initiatives that seek to address glaring performance problems as a last step before being shown the door, André’s executive coaching is designed to help leaders reach their full potential and maximise their contribution in executing strategic priorities.

andré’s typically use his own three part Executive Coaching approach:

  • Part 1: Assessing. Taking stock of the current situation and performance andré interviews stakeholder to gather explicit feedback. He also draws on any assessments that may have already been done on the leader. The findings are put into a comprehensive report for the leader to review and identify the changes he or she would like to focus on.

  • Part 2: Developing. Agreeing with the leader on the focus areas and coaching expectations. This is followed by regular coaching sessions, in person or virtually, to ● review progress, ● explore the reality of what’s working and what isn’t, ● consider new ideas and options and ● agree on actions going forward.

  • Part 3: Capturing. Towards the end of the coaching period andré conducts a reassessment by re-interviewing stakeholders to identify the changes made and further focus areas. This is presented back to the leader in a report along with recommendations.

in 2012 andré achieved accreditation as a NeuroBusiness Coach conducted by NeuroBusinessGroup at Harvard University – Cambridge, MA.


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