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his proposition – what others value about him

we asked andré’s clients, the people he leads, and the people he collaborates with, for the words that best describe him. These are the words they chose and how they explained it:

empathy ● challenge ● wisdom

WHY EMPATHY? He is curious and listens. Not just to the words, but also to the subtext (the emotions, strengths, values and challenges) of the person(s) he is connecting with. People say it builds long term relationships based on high trust, and creates a net of safety that protect conversations that matter.

WHY CHALLENGE? The metaphor is holding up a mirror. We look into mirrors in our most private moments to see ourselves as we really are. Sometimes we need to move the mirror around to be able to see blind spots. That’s andré – the mirror holder. He hold up a mirror for others to see themselves as they really are and help reveal blind spots. People say it is challenging at times, but always insightful.

WHY WISDOM? He has a breadth of experience in corporations, then as a founder/owner of multiple businesses, and through the ‘university of life’’. andre has embraced all of the rich experiences and knowledge amassed in countries he has lived and worked in around the world. He continues to lead teams across countries and sees himself primarily as a practicing leader. He has also been labelled an executive coach, a speaker, a facilitator, a salesperson, a consultant, and a published author. People say that he has curated these experiences and knowledge and then offers the essence of this learning to people, both in his business life and in his personal life.

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