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Improving Sales Productivity

We can help you build your sales capabilities to FIND, WIN and KEEP customers. We can also help you enhance your sales management capabilities. We deliver this through several modalities: Consultancy; Keynote presentations; Workplace learning solutions (in-person and virtual); and Coaching.

Finding Customers Skills

  • Finding high quality prospects (Expanding your territory and customer base)
  • Strategic Prospecting Skills
  • Creating a referral network

Winning Customers Skills

  • Consultative Selling Skills (Exploring Customers’ Business Needs and Proposing Solutions)
  • Storytelling for Salespeople
  • Negotiation Skills (achieving positive results from a negotiation while maintaining a strong relationship with the customer)

Keeping Customers

  • Growing existing accounts through strategic and tactical planning
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor (Building long term partnership type relationships)

Improving Sales Management Effectiveness

  • Developing Talent (Coaching Skills)
  • Leading Strategically (Focusing Upstream)
  • Leading Sales Teams (Building a High-Performance Sales Climate)

André was asked to share his views on selling today in a Sydney café. One of the listeners filmed the conversation. Here it is, with the relevant pieces edited in.


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