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Inspiring and Engaging Teams

“I want to be more inspiring” is a common desire leaders express to elevate their impact with their teams. In our work we have come to find that the most inspiring and engaging leaders were those who were able to be vulnerable with their people. They are the ones who were able to be open about the learning they gained from adversities they faced and mistakes they had made. These are the leaders who know themselves and were able to be authentic – totally at ease with themselves – comfortable in their own skin.

Alongside a leader’s authenticity, research has found that what inspires and engages teams is the ‘climate’ of that specific group.

Although the terms climate and culture are often used interchangeably, the two are different. An organisation’s culture is rooted in the values and assumptions embedded over time. It is by nature very hard to change. Climate, on the other hand, is a “smaller” and much more manageable phenomenon. Climate is changeable. Climate is what it feels like to work in a team. Within an organisation, the climate from team to team can vary significantly.

Leaders directly impact climate. Research has found that a leader’s behavior impacts up to 70 percent of a team’s climate. So if the climate of your team is sub-optimal, you as the leader need to look in the mirror for answers.

andré works with leaders to be more inspiring and engaging.

  • He supports them in helping them reveal their authentic selves to inspire others.
  • He support them in building a climate which engages people. He draws on the research and tools he has acquired to make this a practical reality and not just an intangible wish.


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